Groundrush Audio’s main goal is to capture the audience. Whether it is an audio spot running on various radio stations, or an audio presentation that is being executed, it is important for us to create a clear message that can be retained and understood, while remaining captivating and unique.
Audio / Radio samples


Groundrush Video uses the most cutting edge technology, creating one-of-a-kind television campaigns that bring a clients vision to life on screen.
Video / TV production samples.


One of the most unique and popular departments in our structure, Groundrush Animated offers clients a look at where the future of creative is heading and how to be at the forefront.
Animation Samples


The motto for Groundrush Print is simple...“less is more!” A picture or an image can translate into a thousand words and we apply that methodology when producing any form of creative print for a client. At first glance, the consumer is able to understand the message because it is uncomplicated, fun and creative.
Print Samples


Our Interactive Design & Programming team takes the time to understand what our clients are trying to accomplish in cyberspace. Whether you want to keep it simple or keep your web presence extremely interactive, we provide an unlimited amount of options to lead and navigate our clients through the ever changing world of technology. All of this is done while we stay on the cutting edge of technology and creativity. Due to the increase in popularity in Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Orkut, we have developed Social Networking site applications as well as iPhone applications for clients such as Sprite and BET.


We are a knowledgeable resource when it comes to positioning placements and purchasing media. We have developed strong relationships with various media outlets and are in the position to introduce our clients to these outlets - offering them endless opportunities. It is our sole purpose to get our clients the highest amount of frequency for their invested dollar. We plan and negotiate every aspect of media and marketing, not to mention the amount of added value we suggest you should receive from these outlets.